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Gelatt Lake 12/18/21

By Gelatt, Laramie Plains Lakes, Wyoming

1″-5.5″ of ice. The lake had about 5″ of ice off the boat ramp to at least 20 yards out. Past that ice looked newer and didn’t venture out. Open water in the middle from the aerator to the east for about 70 yards and a small open area on the south shore halfway from the boat ramp to the other parking area. No fisherman out around noon.

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Fair to Good

Twin Buttes 3-30-21

By Laramie Plains Lakes, Twin Buttes, Wyoming

Twin Buttes opened up significantly yesterday in the wind. About 65% of the lake is now open including the boat ramp. There is still ice in the first bay and on the East end of the lake by the first outhouse. It was open water from the West end all the way past the boat ramp and all along the North shore. Should start to fish well with chironomid flies, and eggs but we’ll have to see how this goes this year.

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