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Twin Buttes

By Laramie Plains Lakes, Twin Buttes, Uncategorized, Wyoming

Fishing is fair. Flies: Scuds (olive, tan, grey), Midges (red, olive, black), Damsels (blue and green), Leeches (balanced and hot-heads), Streamers (olive, brown, orange, purple) Bait and Lures: Rapalas (fire tiger, rainbow, brown in countdown, floating, and jointed), Krocodiles, Daredevils (red/white, black/white), redworms, large nightcrawlers, Pink and green glitter powerbait

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Fair to Good

Alsop Lake 9/6/19

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Fishing is Fair to Good Flies:  Wooly buggers (olive, brown, flashy), BH Prince, Adams, FB Scuds (rust, olive) Lures: Panther Martins (red, black, silver), Blue Fox (silver/orange, bronze) Bait:  Worms, Power Bait (Chartruese, Pink)

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