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From our friends at the Lake John Resort.

Lake John = fully capped with 3”-4” of ice. Roads accessible with some drifting near the edges. The further from shore you get the thinner the ice still. Lots of anglers fishing this lake and doing well right now. Pictures attached.
North Delaney = 25% open water to 3” of ice at about 20ft from shore. Near the damn 6” of ice.
South Delaney = 50% open water to 3” of ice at about 30ft from shore near the north end bottleneck.
East Delaney = capped with 2.5”- 5” of ice. 2.5” of ice at about 30ft from shore before the boat ramp. 5” straight out form the boat ramp. Deep snow 150 yards from the boat ramp making it hard to access.
Cowdrey = capped with 6” of ice.

Please remember these conditions and ice are changing by the hour with wind, snow and sun.
We also have cabins and a suite available if you are wanting to stay out at the lake! Please visit our website at for more information and call us for a reservation.