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Meeboer Lake


Meeboer is a great trout fishery at just under 120 acres that has wintered over just fine the last 4+ years and has a high fish count. Fish size are in the 14″ to 22″ for the most part. The easiest access to the Plains Lakes is 8.5 miles from the Fly Store down Highway 230 at Pahlow Lane. Please be mindful of your speeds on the access roads to the lakes.

Location and Directions

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Plains Lakes 3/5/24

Meeboer about 1/5 of the lake is open from the aerator to the east. Edges looked like they had been open yesterday and refrozen overnight. West end and north side if the “horseshoe” where still capped solid. Gelatt 80% capped with open water from the aerator to almost the west and north shore. There is some evidence of ice fishing on it yesterday but the edges to the west looked to have been open some as well. Twin Buttes 100% capped and looked surprisingly solid still. Hattie Still 95% capped but edges are opening more and more each warm day. Use extreme caution if you head out on the ice. (Thanks to J.G. For the Hattie pics from 3/4 afternoon)
March 5, 2024
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